Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Khairunshop Giveaway

Tyme blogwalking td trjumpa KHAIRUNSHOP..
Blog nie baru d bukak and ada buat giveaway which will end on 2th July..
Yg beshnya kita bole pilih gift..hehe..

Sbelum join follow dulu 4 step ni okeh :-

1) be KhairunShop follower..(done!)
2) Post about this Giveaway on your blog and and link this post..(done!)
3) Add link http://khairunshop.blogspot.com on your blog list..(done!)
4) Leave your link comment on this post and choose ONLY 1 PACK (CRAFTER PACK or CRAFT LOVER PACK)..(done!)

First tyme join nih and aku pilih Craft Lover Pack...
Meh2 join..
Klik SINI ramai2..

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