Thursday, July 1, 2010

NisaChoc Giveaway..

Okeh,kepada anda2 penggemar coklat,
NisaChoc ada wat giveaway...
Cepat2 join..this giveaway will end on 8th July..Klik SINI plishh..
Tapi sebelum tue, wajibul ghunnah follow dulu step2 yg mudah ni k..

4 Easy Steps:
1) be NisaChoc follower.(done!)
2) Post about this Giveaway on your blog and and link this post.(done!)
3) Add link on your blog list.(done!)
4) Leave your URL link and comment on this post.(done!)

Hadiah yg menarek menanti..jeng jeng jeng.....
Love Box - Praline Chocolate with filling ( 8 cavities)

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